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  • July 07, 2017

Combating Rabies in Ontario Wildlife from the Air on the Ground

Vaccine Baits Will be Distributed Across Southwestern Ontario in summer 2017

Ontario is continuing efforts to control and eradicate rabies from the province in response to recent cases of rabies in southern regions.

Beginning in August, aircraft will drop rabies vaccine baits across Eastern and Southern Ontario, including the Stratford, Hamilton and Niagara Peninsula areas. These aerial drops primarily target rural or forested areas and aim to prevent the spread and inoculate the local wildlife populations.

Additionally, ground crews will work through the summer and into the late fall to hand-drop baits in urban areas and cities throughout the raccoon rabies control zone, which includes Hamilton, Burlington, Brantford, Toronto, Kitchener and Niagara Falls.

Bait drop amounts will be added or adjusted based on ongoing feedback and surveillance efforts.

The flavoured baits immunize most skunks, foxes and raccoons that eat them. The baits are small and khaki green, with a toll-free rabies information number stamped on them. If you see baits, please do not disturb them.



  • The public should not feed, trap, or transport wildlife.
  • Exposure to a bait is not harmful to people or pets. However, if a person or a pet comes in contact with the vaccine in the bait, contacting a doctor or veterinarian as a precaution is recommended.
  • The province works with municipal public health services, local animal control services, First Nations, trappers and animal rehabilitators to perform rabies tests on raccoons, skunks and other wildlife that are behaving strangely in key areas.



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